Hungry Ants Card

Hey There!

I’ve got another Reveal Wheel card today made with the Lawn Fawn die. I didn’t use the window that came with the set for this. Instead I used little circles in two places to reveal the wheel behind.

I used Close To My Heart stamps to create this little picnic scene. I waned the ants to enjoy snacking on the watermelon pieces. One of the watermelon stamps already had the bite taken out, but I added the little bite out of the watermelon slice at the top of the card.

When the wheel is turned it looks like the little ants are taking bites one after another over and over again. I’m kind of in love with it!

I like using the Reveal Wheel die in different ways. You can see how I changed the placement of the window in my Unicorn Reveal Wheel Card to make it look like sprinkles were falling on donuts just waiting for their turn.

If you would like to see this little card in action check out my Instagram post for a little video. While you are there follow me to see my other cute cards and projects!

Thanks for checking out my card today! I hope to see you again soon!

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